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Virtual Bongo Drums

To play virtual bongo drums online, click on the bongo with a mouse or use the left and right arrow keys.

Learn to play bongos with the online virtual bongo drums!

Bongos comprise two small, open-bottom hand drums connected by a wooden peck. The larger drum is referred to as the hembra, or female, and the smaller drum is referred to as the macho, or male. Developed in the Eastern region of Cuba during the 19th century, bongos are traditionally played by striking the edge of the drumheads with the fingers and palms.

According to traditional playing technique, right-handed players should hold bongos behind the knees, with the larger drum on the right. Bongos can also be played on a stand, which is a common solution for players with a larger, more complex percussion setup, or with formal concert orchestras.

On our site you can play for free on a virtual musical instrument - virtual bongo drums. Play and create music in the virtual bongos simulator, by pressing the keys on the keyboard.

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Learn to play the virtual Bongos with the bongos drums online!
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